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Does your car insurance cover hitting a wild animal?


Sure, chickens do cross the road. But other animal do that as well. Some parts of Slovakia are prone to lots of wild animals on the road. That means there are many wild animal-related road accideents every year. The risk of hitting a wild boar, deer or other wild animal heightens especially in fall and early winter. Even very responsible drivers can find themselves in a situation when a deer will jump out of nowhere in front of their car. When this happens, it is very hard to react imadietly. Often drivers are very surpsided and hit the animal accidentaly. Hitting a wild animal often causes extensive damage to the car and the animal as weel. Good news is, that if your car gets damaged in a colision like this, it can be covered by your car insurance. But make sure you also have additional insurance that covers hitting a wild animals. 

Please note that having this kind of insurance doesn´t mean you dont have to be careful. Never ignore warning signs for animals a try to keep your speed steady. Remember, it´s not just the chicken who crosses the road. Wild animals are dangerous for you and your car just as much as your car is dangerous to them. So the best policy is to drive safe and avoid these collisions, because they can cost you a lot of money and for the animal they can be fatal.

The right insurance to cover pothole damage on your car


Potholes are sad reality of the roads and it´s almost impossible to avoid them, especially during winter and spring months. There are a lot of advices and steps to prevent pothole damage, but regardless all efforts, potholes can still cause serious damage to your car. Potholes usually cause damage on the wheels and tires, but they can damage your steering, suspension and alignment systems as well.

You can´t avoid potholes, but you can protect yourself from unpredictable expences with collision insurance or compulsory insurance with additional insurance of damages caused by potholes. This way you can easily adjust your insurance to your own needs, knowing that you have increased the protection of your car. And what is very handy, you can get both insurances online. It´s very easy, safe and comfortable. You can use online calculator from which compares products and prices of all insurance companies in few minutes, so you can choose the one that´s best for you.

Does your car have a wheel on the right side? Never mind!


In March 2014 the European Court of Justice decided, that any country within the European Union can restrain its citizens to use car which is different from the ones used by majority. This decision was made on the grounds of case which took place in Poland and Lithuania.

In the past it was impossible in Slovakia to use cars with the wheel on right side due to safety reasons. These cars could be used only in case they were still registered in the country of their origin or they were completely rebuilt. Whereas the arguments about safety were not confirmed, the European Court of Justice decided in behalf of drivers. This regulation should be effective in all member countries of European Union disregarding the left or right way of driving. Practically that means that you can drive any type of car you want and you can freely register it in your country.

Car insurance also for handmade agricultural machines


Since September 1st 2013 a new amendatory act has become effective in Slovakia. This act enables all homemade vehicles used for agricultural or forest works to drive on the roads of I., II. or III. class. All these vehicles must have a special license number type C and mandatory insurance.

Every owner of such a vehicle can file an application at particular licencing authorities according to his permanent residence, and pay an unrepeated fee of 33 euro. After this special license number type C is disposed, the whole permission for the car and its owner is valid for three years. Besides special number the car must been also insured. Price of mandatory insurance for this type of cars is fixed and set on 25 euro per year.

Make your drive safer with tyres insurance!


Company AXA Assistance came with brand new insurance product as first among all other insurance companies in Slovakia and offered to its clients interesting and useful services.

Insurance of car tyres will cost you only 80 Euros per year and will provide you with nonstop assistance services. These services will help you in case of car accident or other tyres damage which occurs to you during your insurance period. Doesn´t matter when the damage is done and by whom, assistance services are available 24 hours, 365 days and will change or repair your damage and insured tyres immediately. In case the damage is not possible to repair on the spot, your car will be towed away to closest car repair service for free where the damage will be mended. If you are interested in this type of product, ask for it in AXA Assistance company or some specialized car tyres sellers cooperating with AXA!

The same insurance rates for women!


The world of insurance will remember 21st December 2012 as a day of a change! Everything will be changed by so called “Gender Directive” which puts on an equal footing men and women and their insurances. In the past women had belonged to favoured class, because of the higher virtual age. This will not be advantage for women anymore. They will pay as much for their insurance as men.

Life insurance, pensionary insurance or car insurance – all this products will cost the same for both men and women. But while the sexes are going to be equal, this decision will have a bad influence on insurance prices – we all will pay more! Insurance rates are going higher – women will pay more for life insurance, specifically for risk of death and men will pay more for pensionary insurance, which covers risk of longevity.