Car insurance in the world

In many countries and parties of the world there are different legislations and road rules. In most of them there are valid international agreements and contracts, for example European Union. Also road traffic is no exception. Everybody knows red is internationally color for stop and green for go.

For cases of damages it exists a similar way.

In today’s countries thinking economically, there exist as well as insurance for people also insurance for your car. It is used just different title or term, but the definition must be the same. In different countries there are many names for the same kind of insurance but it is usually kept its meaning and content.

Some of the states and their car insurance:

Australia – Third Party Personal insurance - Motor Accident Commission, Transport Accident Commission, Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP Insurance)

Canada – Public Auto Insurance, Privately Auto Insurance – there are differences between provinces, but all of them have some form of no-fault insurance available to accident victims.

Germany – Third Party Personal Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance

Hungary – Third-party Vehicle Insurance required for all vehicles in Hungary.

Ireland – At least Third-party Insurance, or obtained exemption – generally by depositing a large sum of money with the High Court as a guarantee against claims.

United Kingdom – At least Third Party Personal Injury Insurance, Road Traffic Act Only Insurance or to have made a specified deposit with the Accountant General of the Supreme Court

Romania – Motor-vehicle liability Insurance

Indonesia – Third-party vehicle Insurance

South Africa – there is the Road Accidents Fund from the money from gasoline for compensating third parties in accidents

United States – Auto insurance covering liability for injuries and property damage, but there are some differences in some of the states – Liability insurance, third party insurance, “Personal Responsibility Acts”…