Car insurance in Slovakia

There are two ways how to protect your car in Slovakia:

1) to make mandatory contractual insurance called PZP

2) to make voluntary collision insurance called CASCO

Basic difference between PZP and CASCO lies in their functions. While mandatory contractual insurance (PZP) has to protect assets and health of others damaged by owner of car insurance, the collision insurance (CASCO) has to protect his/her own assets and health.

In the concrete – when you are responsible for car accident, all financial charges are paid from your PZP, but when your car or health is harmed by other driver, everything has to be paid from PZP of culprit.

On the other hand, all other damages caused by unknown culprit (theft of car or its parts) or by unexpected elements (such as storm, flood etc.) will be covered from CASCO insurance.

As you can see, both types of car insurance have their functions and none of them is redundant. So if you want to protect your car and health completely, you should think of both car insurances.

There are 11 insurance companies which offer PZP and CASCO insurance. If you are interested in these types of car insurance, try our online calculator. Compare prices and make car insurance online! 

System of white card

White card is the document which demonstrates you have your car insured with compulsory automobile liability insurance. This card is a certificate you can use in case of car accident or police control on the territory of the Slovak republic. As it is a legal document, you must always have the white card with you in your car. In case you don´t have it with you, police can give you a fine.

The white card bears lot of information such as personal details of car owner and basic information about the insured car. The information about type of vehicle, model and brand of vehicle, vehicle identification number (VIN), license number (EČV), number of certification of car evidence, information about the date of validity of car insurance and address of insurer which delivered the white card, must be included.

When you ordered car insurance online, you will get all documents, including the white card, on your e-mail. Validity of this card is temporary, but you can use it normally till you get a new, permanent white card from your assurance company. Permanent white card is usually send after first payment of car insurance, but sometimes it can take longer than month. White card is valid one year and at the end of insured period you have to send it back to the assurance company.